A peer-to-peer courier and delivery service

The idea of developing the iCanBring community evolved when its founders Amit and Manish moved to Sweden and Germany respectively from India. They realised that there is no easy way to get their household items, that they used so often. The items were either not available locally, or sparcely available at high prices. Besides, getting any documents or an ayurvedic medicine for personal use, from India, was a big hassle. The courier companies would either not deliver, or charge an exorbitant amount for even a small shipment. End of the day one would frantically post on social media groups to check if someone is travelling.

Later, whenever Amit and Manish travelled between India and Sweden or Germany, they would message their network if they can bring anything that they need. In return, some friends offered them a small payment as a gesture to help them. From their second trip itself, both Amit and Manish were returning with their full luggage with small items asked to be brought by friends. And, nicely enough, they were able to recover their travel costs from the money they received to get the items.

Soon enough there were other people in the network who started to extend their
travel details and offered to bring items.

And today, this has led to the origin of iCanBring community that is free
for anyone to join.

We are a start-up based in Germany

iCanBring.com is a community platform developed and maintained by NJ Himalaya Forest UG, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

For any partnership or collaboration inquiries you may write to amit@icanbring.com or manish@icanbring.com. For speedy resolution of your support queries, please write to support@icanbring.com or whatsapp on +49-162-830-3313

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