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Do you love exploring new places, traveling the world, seeing amazing landscapes and meeting new people? Also how would you like to be paid at the same time when you plan to do all this? Imagine you’re flying to a destination that has been on your bucket list for a long time now, and most of your travel expenses are covered, wouldn’t that be awesome? Now you can do just that by becoming an on-board courier for is an online platform which serves as a carrier for the required shipments when you need them. It helps to connect people who want to shop and obtain international products with travelers who have extra space in their luggage to spare, creating an opportunity to make extra money while traveling.

But what exactly is an on-board courier? On-board couriers refers to a person carrying express consignments for people in the destination they are traveling to by taking airplanes. On-board couriers used to be more popular than they are today. But, after the 9/11 desolation in the US, airplanes around the world tightened their security seeking to avoid such despicable acts. But, soon the popularity of air courier companies started to flourish and that’s where fits in perfectly. With, you are free from the hassle of the forms and queues you have to face when looking for a shipment to be delivered to you.

Join the world of, and be a part of a global community of travelers dedicated to carry shipments in their extra luggage space . You may be asked to bring in anything from sensitive documents, computer parts or even food items that have to be delivered in person to a recipient in the destination you are traveling to with maximum reliability. With this, you might be responsible for bringing back an old computer to life or make an agreement successful with the documents you personally deliver.

Naturally, after you register your contact details and the destination you’re traveling to, you will be informed about the content of the shipment and receive the relevant customs documents so as to ensure that nothing stands in the way of a smooth and easy transport. Before you board the flight, however, you might have to pick up the shipment or it can also be delivered to your desired location.

As traveling is not all about the destination, the freelance assignment of being an on-board courier and delivering a parcel can help you to connect with people around the world. The people, for whom you take the parcel will really value your effort and also you can ask them for tips to get by in the particular destination you are going to.



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