How Cool, Convenient, Fun and Safe iCanBring is?


Let’s imagine a situation, you are traveling from A to B. Your travel to B was a solo one, so you packed only the things you needed, hence fewer suitcases. You probably will decide to travel with only carry-on luggage. Carry-on luggage is a cool way to travel when you are flying with a budget airline, who charge extra for checked luggage. But not every airline is a budget one, specifically those flying between continents and these types of airline include a free checked bag in the ticket price. So, if you’re only taking carry-on luggage on your flight, then you will be paying for a service (the transport of your checked luggage) you won’t be using. And even if you have checked luggage, you might only have one bag to check in. There’s plenty of potential luggage space that is being left in void that the airline could be carrying on every flight. This results in an inefficient use of resources and that’s where iCanBring steps in. iCanBring is making lives easier by connecting people who require certain items from a certain place and travelers coming from the same destination. iCanBring is making an existing service more efficient and helping people to make money while traveling.

But are you willing to take an extra bag on your next flight for some extra money? Probably not, but you can take things for people who are in dire need of a certain item to be shipped to the destination you’re flying to. And iCanBring is striding forward by tying up travelers with those who need packages delivered from A to B. You’re probably thinking that people can easily get their packages delivered by a full-fledged cargo company. While this is possible, using regular cargo companies can be really expensive, especially when you’re shipping at the last minute. So, iCanBring can make the shipping process really convenient for the people who are desperately looking for their packages to be delivered. All you have to do is sign up at, and check the requests of other people who need their packages delivered from the destination you’re flying. If you think that you have plenty of extra space to accommodate their item, then you can decide how much you want to get paid. Sometimes, it could only be a small document that someone wants urgently. It is a really cool way to make some extra cash while travelling and at the same time you are helping other people.

For travelers, when you’re taking an item for a stranger to a strange land, it can be a really fun experience as you get to meet different interesting people who will really appreciate the effort. They might show you around the place as you went an extra mile for them. iCanBring is pretty safe too as they are a registered company from Germany and they have multiple levels of verification process to ensure that everyone has a great experience. The top priority of iCanBring is trust, so only individuals with a decent feedback are included in the iCanBring community. This enables a secure transportation of the packages from destination A to B.

There are no waiting lines at iCanBring and they are prompt in their customer care service with a top class server available on WhatsApp to resolve, in real-time, any query or issues that may arise during the delivery process. Also, it’s really easy to use with its cool and functional interface. So, next time you want a packaged delivered or you’re traveling, sign up at for making efficient use of resources and connecting people.

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