How iCanBring is Helping to Reduce The Carbon Footprint


A successful shipping industry is a strong premonition of a healthy global economy. There’s no denying that the conveniences and efficiency brought up by the courier companies with their vast logistics networks with shipments sent through air, road and sea. However, the shipping industry has been facing a serious challenge which is the amount of their carbon footprint. The more shipments they deliver, the greater the impact on the environment which gives rise to problems like global warming and climate change. Global warming or climate change has had an impact on almost every aspect of our life mainly because of the repercussions caused by carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Not everyone acknowledges the fact that our planet has been affected negatively by global warming and this has caused mixed reactions from around the world. While there are various campaigns and strategies being implemented by various industries to fight back this tricky situation, not everyone can match the same effort. But, seeing the opportunity to help make this planet safe and green, iCanBring has joined hands with numerous other industries to curb this dilemma by setting up an online platform to serve as a carrier for required shipments through travelers, which in turn greatly reduces the carbon footprint.

Suppose you have to send a shipment urgently to a far location. You go to a courier company and see a large number of people waiting in queues also expecting their shipments to be couriered. Can you imagine the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere by the courier company from delivering the shipments from one place to another? The courier companies can do very little to prevent from reducing their carbon footprint. This is where iCanBring can step in and radically change the way of delivering shipments. With iCanBring, you can tap into the additional baggage space of travelers to have your shipments delivered. This will be a huge step forward in reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation services used by the courier companies.  iCanBring focuses significantly on technology for logistics to reduce carbon emissions dramatically and contribute to the green planet drive.


iCanBring is very similar to a courier company in terms of how they both operate. Courier companies use various modes of transportation such as ships, vans and airplanes to ship the goods from one place to another. iCanBring also does the same thing but with a twist. iCanBring helps to connect people who want their shipments to be delivered urgently with travelers traveling to the same destination. So, when you use iCanBring instead of a professional courier company, they do not use any extra transportation services, they utilize the extra luggage space spared by the travelers which aids in diminishing the carbon footprint.


iCanBring has revolutionized the courier industry by introducing a new way to deliver shipments. They are some of the few companies who have joined forces to go green with carbon-neutral shipping. Helping save the environment initially starts on an individual level and even small things really make a big difference in the long run. So, next time you decide to ship your desired items opt for so you also get involved in flattening the curve of carbon emissions into the environment.


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