How to Pack a Suitcase The Right Way


You’re at the airport on time, baggage checked and boarding passes distributed. You’re waiting for your queue to board, suddenly, there is an announcement saying that your flight has been cancelled today. Imagine if you had your bag in hand at this moment, this could be the difference between being stuck at the airport and continuing with your travels. So, packing the right way is key to traveling comfortably and efficiently. Everyone has their own way of packing, but not all of their stuff will be used on the trip. Whether you’re going on a three month backpacking adventure or traveling for a three-day business trip, you should always choose to maximize suitcase space, minimize avoidable supplies and decrease the wrinkles.

Packing is stressful – more from not knowing what you’re going to need when you get to where you’re going. It can be more stressful if not done the smart way. You could end up paying extra charges for overweight luggage and cleaning up the mess. Travelers learn the hard way to pack the right way by having experienced traveling thousands of miles. So, we have assembled a few tips on how to pack a suitcase the right way.

Always Invest in a Compact Carry-On

The bigger your suitcase is, the more stuff you’ll put into it. The best way to overcome this conundrum is to invest your money in a compact carry-on luggage. The standard size for a carry-on in an airline is 22” x 14” x 9”. So you have to keep in mind the airline size and weight limits when paying for a suitcase. When you can carry all your things in a compact carry-on, you don’t have to check-in your luggage at all and skip the baggage claim. Also, invest in a small backpack for storing things that come in use more often like toiletries, laptop, books and passport.

Fill Every Inch of Space

Many experienced travelers suggest you rolling your clothes while packing to maximize room in your suitcase and minimize wrinkles in your clothes. The most efficient example of filling every inch of space would be to put in socks with shoes when packing. There’s a popular technique popular among travelers known as bundle technique, where you wrap each clothing around a central core, with thin layers inside the thick layers as the outermost layer.

How you arrange your stuff in your suitcase is your personal wish, but whatever your arrangement the plan is to fill every inch of space in your suitcase.

If and When You Need It, You Can Buy It

Whether you are going for a business trip or a vacation, you’ll surely research a bit about where you’re going to. The apartment or hotel you’ll be staying at will have supermarkets, shops and drugstores, so you can avoid packing some bulky things which could be easily bought in your destination. Hence, if and when you need it, you can buy it.

This can also help you earn money while traveling with the help of where you earn money for taking items for other people around the globe. iCanBring has been connecting travelers with people looking to buy things. So, next time when you have an opportunity to save space when traveling, look out for iCanBring, who knows you can help someone and make their day while earning some extra cash.

Arrange Clothings Thoughtfully

Whenever you pack, always keep the things that you use the most on the top of your suitcase. Whatever you’ll be using after you reach your destination can be kept at the bottom. This will also help to avoid wrinkles in your clothes and will aid you to fend off messy situations. Arranging clothing thoughtfully is also a sign of being stress-free.

In your compact carry-on, toiletries and some important travel documents must be kept in the top so that you have access to it whenever you need it. Think multiple times before putting everything in your carry-on and get rid of what you think you need just in case.

Buy First-Class Packing Cubes

The main contrast between people who travel with carry-on only and those who don’t is not in what they pack but it is how they pack. The best way to stay organized and save space is to use packing organizers. When deciding to travel with a carry-on luggage only, it is hugely important to consider how you pack. That’s where the packing cubes come in handy. You’ll feel less stressed while packing as you can arrange the cubes till they fit ideally in your carry-on. You also save a lot of space when using packing cubes as you can squeeze in a lot of clothes in a cube. So, it’s recommended you invest in a good packing cube so that you can find your things easily and also save space at the same time.

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