{Do you live in this city? (from) (I live here):59.1}

{I need it at:61}

{Do you live in this city? (final) (I live here):62.1}

I need

{I need:55}

{If other items, please mention in brief below:56}

The total weight of items is approx. {Total weight of item/s is:63}.

+ Delivery instructions (if any)

{Delivery instructions (in departure city) (I will get the items dropped at your place):65.1}

{Delivery instructions (in departure city) (I will order items online and get it delivered at your place):65.2}

{Delivery instructions (in departure city) (I want the items to be picked up by you from a different address):65.3}

{Delivery instructions (in departure city) (You can open and check the items/packaging):65.4}

+ Pick-up instructions (if any)

{Pick-up instructions (in arrival city) (I will get the items picked-up from you upon your arrival):67.1}

{Pick-up instructions (in arrival city) (I want you to deliver the items at my address upon your arrival):67.2}

+ Additional notes (if any)

{Any other details you want to mention:69}

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