iCanBring- Earn Money While Traveling


This is the age of sharing economy and the way we travel is constantly changing and even more in times of this pandemic. Many let others use their homes, cars and various other assets and make money by sharing what they own. There are plenty of options for people to make money while traveling but in this blog we’re going to explore about a different way of earning money and spreading happiness at the same time when you are on the road.

There are many instances when you have wanted a certain thing from abroad or craved comfort food from your hometown, not finding the right ingredients that come close to what you are used to at home. You have to either wait for an acquaintance to come abroad or wait for your holidays so you can visit your hometown. So, this new platform icanbring.com serves as a carrier for your required shipments when you need them. iCanBring connects people who want to shop and obtain international products and travelers who have extra space in their luggage to spare, creating an opportunity to make extra money while traveling. If you want a certain thing to be brought to them from anywhere in the world, you can post requests in the iCanBring platform and other people coming from that region will be able to see your requests. For travelers, you can always check the list and initiate the process of bringing the requested items if you have additional space in your luggage.

Even though our strapline says ‘Make Money While Traveling’, our main motive is not to encourage people to only earn money but also to help fellow travelers and make it easy for them to obtain their desired items. Here is how our platform works – Go to our website icanbring.com and you can see a list of requests for the required items made by people from different countries, and if you have extra space in your luggage and want to bring that item for the person then you can confirm on the website. The shipment will be delivered to you before your flight. For bringers, it is an excellent opportunity to earn some extra cash while traveling and you can also meet different interesting people who will really appreciate the effort. For receivers, you can go the extra mile and show them around your hometown and give tips to explore the city. From expensive gadgets to specialty coffees to a favorite brand of apparel, the requests that can be seen in icanbring.com are diverse and interesting.

The next time you want something that is not easily or is too expensive to be available in your hometown, go to icanbring.com and post your requests. And next time you decide to go on a holiday, go to the website and see if you can be the reason of happiness for someone.



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